The Affordable Care Act Made Simple.

Automate, track, manage, analyze, and optimize compliance, benefits, and financial strategies under the ACA.

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Health E(fx).

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Scalable ACA tracking and compliance management solutions that are right-sized to fit your business. Easily comply with the complexities of the employer ACA requirements. Plan, forecast, and design benefit options specific to your demographics and strategic goals under the ACA.

What About My Advisor?

The relationship between employers and their advisors plays an important role for health benefits management under the ACA. The advisor brings marketing, negotiating, and vendor relationships that are difficult for employers to master on their own.

What Next?

Many of our customers have done extensive research to find the best ACA tracking and compliance management solution on the market. Their final choice: Health E(fx).

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Health E(fx) provides clarity for the questions employers ask about the ACA.

Health E(fx) is a powerful solution that automates all tracking, forecasting, compliance, and benefits design impacts and strategic options under the Affordable Care Act.

“Within a matter of minutes, we were able to run data-driven decision-modeling scenarios that allowed us to make critical budgeting and compliance decisions - in the past this would take more than three weeks.”
“With our first month’s census upload,
Health E(fx) uncovered more than $8 million in potential penalties that we are now able to mitigate.”

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