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Automated oversight and strategic insight under Affordable Care Act (ACA) regulations

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Avoid penalties. Track eligibility. Simplify reporting. Improve decision-making. Be compliant.

Three distinct solutions, uniquely tailored to the needs of employers, advisors, and third parties. Find the best Health E(fx) solution for you:

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Looking for IRS ACA reporting only?

ACA reporting entails significantly more complex data requirements than W-2 and 1099 forms — 1094 and 1095 forms require aggregation of verified data across multiple datasets that are not standard for most employers. Penalties for inaccuracies or non-reporting can mean significant risk.

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Best-in-class. No software upgrades. No IT headaches. Our cloud-based solutions easily integrate into your existing HRIS environment. Scalable and intuitive, Health E(fx) leads all of the ACA's data audit, management, and reporting requirements.
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Automating ACA compliance while managing strategy. That's the power of Health E(fx).

Gain clarity, compliance, and control with Health E(fx).

  • Track employee eligibility
  • Manage workforce
  • Automate reporting and notice requirements
  • Mitigate risks and penalties
  • Control costs and impacts
  • Automate audit and penalty defense