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Making your client experience better


Are you offering an ACA solution as part of your suite of services to your clients? If not, or if your in-house solution is not competitive, you may not be meeting all of your clients’ needs. This infographic highlights five common challenges employer service providers face when building or maintaining their in-house solution, and why partnering with an ACA expert as an alternative can be the solution.

As a tax, benefit and payroll administrator, you can’t stay competitive without an ACA solution. In fact, you may well struggle to retain clients because they expect you to have a solution, putting you at risk to lose business to a provider that does. At the same time, developing and maintaining an ACA solution may not be worth the cost and resources required.

In-house solutions may not be the right answer for employer service providers. To make your client experience better, you need a personalized solution that offers the level of support you need to meet your clients’ health reform challenges. Choose a partner that will allow you to focus on your core business, retain clients, and stay competitive.

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ACA compliance requires data flexibility and configurable solutions because each client’s data and structure is unique. Are you having trouble easily accessing and aggregating data from multiple payroll, benefits, HRIS, COBRA systems or others? If yes, it may be time to find a partner who has the processes, controls and flexibility to effectively manage data implementation and aggregation for you.

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For some of your clients, ACA compliance and reporting may be relatively straightforward. However, we’ve found that for some ACA service providers, supporting clients with rather complex workforces, involving multiple FEINS and variable and seasonal staffing, can be difficult to navigate. Companies in some industries, such as the staffing industry, higher education, and retail, for example, have unique needs where a one-size fits-all approach typically won’t suffice.

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Change makes your in-house ACA and state solution costly, disruptive and time consuming – and the ACA is often last to get the technology resources it needs. So you either don’t have the resources or you take them from your core business. Neither is acceptable. Yet, in today’s challenging environment, you can’t stand still with ACA technology and expect to keep up with the changing marketplace.

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Risk can lurk in many areas. Your technology may provide limited or no transparency into significant client risk for Penalty A, failure to offer minimum essential coverage to substantially all full-time employee, or Penalty B, assessed for failure to offer affordable coverage that meets minimum value requirements. Both penalties accrue monthly and can unexpectedly hit your budget at any time.

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We are built differently.

Offering and maintaining an ACA solution is easier said than done. Through our white label solution, Health e(fx) currently supports tax, benefit, payroll administrators and about 8 million of the employees they serve.  We want to share our experiences with you — so you, too, can deliver a better service and remain competitive today and in the future.

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