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Rooted in years of health reform expertise, Health e(fx) is the largest Affordable Care Act (ACA) technology solution, supporting over 22.5 million lives. With the pandemic and related staffing challenges, as well as a new pro-ACA White House, complying with ACA and state mandate reporting continues to become more complex for employers, as well as the benefits, payroll and tax administrators who support them. Through it all, Health e(fx) stays at the forefront of change, ready to provide custom solutions to your company’s greatest health reform challenges.

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When it comes to federal Affordable Care Act (ACA) reporting this year, organizations need to understand how the pandemic and new presidential administration could open them up to increased risk of receiving penalty letters and potential fines from the IRS. But have no fear, taking the right proactive steps can reduce that risk.

Health e(fx) explains these new reporting challenges and provides strategies for meeting them head on in this new recorded webinar. You learn about:

  • How the American Rescue Plan expansion of subsidies and new COBRA subsidies impact Penalty B risk to employers.
  • How pandemic-impacted staffing strategies have increased complexity of ACA compliance, and why employers must consider ACA compliance as a factor in decisions around layoffs, furloughs and restaffing their business.
  • The IRS is years behind in assessing ACA penalties, and the new administration and stricter standards could expose employers to more IRS scrutiny.

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