Who are we?

Health reform and compliance is our specialty. It’s how we have become the largest ACA software solution provider, serving strategic partners, some of the nation’s largest employers and over 22 million individualsThrough active data management, we help employers catch potential compliance risks early, deliver timely federal and state reporting, and uncover unique workforce insights.

Proven Expertise

Health e(fx) experts include a highly experienced team of business and technical professionals with unique knowledge and experience in healthcare legislation, government policy direction, and regulatory changes.

As an industry advisor, Health e(fx) is informed at the earliest stages of proposed health reform changes, development, and modifications that impact employers and partners. This means, as changes happen, we are ready to take the lead.

22.5 M


Managing ACA compliance and reporting for 22.5 million lives

12.2 M


Successfully produced 12.2 million state and federal Forms 1095 in 2021 for our partners and clients


Fortune 500 clients

Supporting 75 Fortune 500 organizations and their employees

Health e(fx) differentiators

Leading technology to support operational strategies
Our leading health reform and compliance technology supports highly complex and variable workforces. These capabilities have paved the way for Health e(fx) to become the largest ACA software solution available today.

Easy, fast and flexible
We alleviate the burden on HR teams through technology, health reform expertise, and customer support that make it easier to comply with state and federal requirements now and in the future. 

Unparalleled insights
Through aggregation of unique HR data sets, we deliver new insights to help leaders make better operational decisions that save money and minimize risk.