Our Culture

Our commitment to delivering greater customer value means we will always do what’s most important to help ensure our customers have a great experience. Our employees play a vital role in delivering on this promise and that’s why we built a culture based on these key words: Focus, Customer, Respect, Responsible and Together—all to move our company forward.

From Health e(fx) CEO, Michael Showalter

On April 20, 2021 we witnessed accountability for the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis, where we are headquartered. The guilty verdict brought with it a mix of emotions—a sense of relief, yet continued anguish for the Floyd family and all those who have experienced tragedy. Since Mr. Floyd’s death last year, Health e(fx) has committed to doing more to listen, educate and act with kindness.

We’ve also taken steps to support businesses and communities in need, and to implement training to address hate and violence within ourselves while embracing peace. We have more to do. We will continue to promote change, listen to our employees, customers and communities to create inclusion, to learn and make a positive difference. Let’s make this courtroom decision a turning point for lasting change in how people of color are treated.

Our Code

Our ethics shape everything we do here at Health e(fx). They guide our interactions with our customers, our team members and the industry as a whole. We created a Code of Ethics to define the spirit in which we intend to do business and to focus on encouraging employees to be their best selves while serving our customers and supporting the success of our business.

The Code provides best practice standards for employees when handling conflicts of interest, complying with relevant laws and other essential focus points.