Compliance ConnectTM

For strategic partners & advisors

Bring clients the leading most adaptable solution for healthcare compliance, reporting, and HR/benefits analytics

  • Proven Compliance

    Grow your business with a comprehensive healthcare compliance solution that drives immediate value

  • Portfolio Management

    Gain automated oversight of workforce data and customer-specific compliance strategies

  • Robust Analytics

    Leverage HR/benefits analytics across large cross-customer and industry data sets

Build relationships, trust, and client peace of mind

Meeting complex healthcare compliance challenges is top of mind for your clients—creating an opportunity for you to bring relevant strategic value. With Health e(fx) Compliance Connect, you can seize market share and strengthen your competitive advantage by offering a comprehensive compliance, reporting and HR/benefits analytics solution that increases your ability to serve customers.

Integrated compliance for strategic partners and advisors

Health e(fx) Compliance Connect is the only healthcare compliance and reporting solution that seamlessly integrates with your existing technology framework and implements fast. You’ll be able to immediately offer automated tracking, auditing, reporting, and analytics services to your clients. Providers of Benefits Administration, Payroll, Private Exchange, and HR services across the country use our robust platform to grow business with new and existing clients.


Deploy and manage complex compliance and requirements with a single sign-on and flexible data integration


Automate all notifications and IRS reporting to ensure they are timely and accurate


Automate all notifications and IRS reporting to ensure they are timely and accurate

Strategic insight for brokers and advisors

Offer strategic benefits insights to your clients with confidence. Health e(fx) Compliance Connect for Advisors fully integrates compliance and medical benefits data so you can focus on delivering strategic value. Monitor current plan spending and projected trends. Generate detailed reports in a fraction of the time with ease. Support strategic decisions regarding medical benefits plans and coverage.


Define customer-specific strategies based on the business impact of healthcare regulations


Compare client data to benchmark data on demographics, plan costs, enrollment, eligibility, industry, geography or region, and plan value


Ensure customer compliance to all federal and state regulations as they change

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