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Full-service compliance and reporting for large employers


The leading compliance solution for today’s changing healthcare reform

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Can your current ACA solution adapt?

Health e(fx) Enterprise goes way beyond reporting to help you address compliance issues before they become a problem. Our solution transforms your complex data into an aggregated time-aware data set for compliance, reporting, and IRS audit defense. Our comprehensive solution is built to adapt to changing state and federal requirements as they happen.

Leading through change

Keeping up to date with changing legislative and IRS compliance and reporting requirements can be an overwhelming challenge that drains your time, energy, and budget. With our proprietary Health e(fx) Enterprise technology and hands-on support, you don’t have to be a compliance expert. We’ll be there by your side to clarify the confusion and help you make sense of the changing regulations and requirements.


Cost-efficient, cloud-based solution eliminates costly investment in IT infrastructure


Integrates seamlessly into your HRIS environment without changes to existing staff and systems


Automatic software updates ensure you’re always up to date with the latest state and federal regulations

Make better benefits decisions

Healthcare compliance and reporting requirements can make you feel like you have little control over rising costs or healthcare reform. Health e(fx) Enterprise goes beyond just tracking and compliance, with robust decision-modeling and data analytics capabilities. Data-driven insight helps you take back control to optimize your medical benefits strategies and design compliant plans that accomplish your business goals – even as laws change.


Monitor and mitigate risks and minimize costs through dashboards


Analyze alternative plan options to choose the best approach for your population


Plan and forecast employee adoption and future costs

Calm the chaos of complex healthcare reform

Changing and complex compliance requirements can make healthcare reporting stressful, frustrating and chaotic. Health e(fx) Enterprise goes beyond any other solution to help you keep your finger on the pulse of all data so you can produce accurate, on-time IRS forms. Sleep easy next reporting season with peace of mind that you’re fully compliant with requirements.


Automates eligibility and affordability tracking, reducing the burden on your staff


Audits workforce eligibility data monthly and alerts you to issues early


Auto-populates IRS forms to fulfill federal reporting requirements

Technology that gives you an advantage

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Managed Services

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Let Health e(fx) take the administrative burden of managing healthcare compliance off your plate. With our Managed Services, you can outsource time-consuming administration tasks to trusted Health e(fx) experts who are fully knowledgeable of healthcare compliance and reporting requirements.

Put Health e(fx) experts to work for you.

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Reporting Plus: Reporting and IRS submission for large employers

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Reporting Plus is a simplified and transparent ACA reporting solution that verifies and validates data each month so data issues can be resolved before they become a problem. Employers provide their complete data file to Health e(fx) monthly and our system automatically builds 1095/1094 Forms for ongoing review, revisions and IRS submission. Reporting Plus adapts to ongoing legislative and IRS changes as they happen. This means employers don’t need to be compliance experts to ensure their reporting meets state and federal requirements.

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