Annual enrollment starts with ACA eligibility

Annual enrollment starts with ACA eligibility

Annual enrollment starts with ACA eligibility

At Health e(fx) we understand the stress some departments feel during annual enrollment. We make it our goal to reduce the complexity of ACA compliance. If you’re feeling the pain of annual enrollment, our technology solution can help you simplify the process of offering benefits to your benefits-eligible employee population. We do this through several key differentiators.

ACA eligibility determination support

Our technology leads the market in ability to determine benefits eligibility.  Through both look-back and monthly measurement options, Health e(fx) tracks eligibility monthly across an employer’s total population.

When it comes to annual enrollment, this ability to track and measure eligibility becomes invaluable. Our Annual Enrollment report provides the current eligibility status of each employee based on actual service hours and stability periods (if applicable). The report also allows you to forecast which employees will be benefits-eligible prior to annual enrollment.

Best of all, you can run this report at any time of the year, allowing you to plan for future open enrollment periods.

We’ll walk you through running the report, and if you or anyone else on your team have questions, your account manager is here and ready to help you find a solution.

Ongoing active management

When employers do not actively manage compliance monthly or fail to accurately track hours or measure benefits eligibility, they are putting their organization at risk for penalties. We help minimize that risk. Health e(fx) clients can watch each employee’s Form 1095 populate with eligibility and enrollment information each month. To minimize their penalty risk, clients use our system to monitor their company’s (and each FEIN within the company) Employer Shared Responsibility compliance percentage.

Help eliminate the guess work

The annual enrollment period is always going to be one of the busiest periods of the year for HR teams, but we’re here to help you take out some of the guess work. The Health e(fx) solution helps alleviate the burden of wondering if you made an offer of coverage to all your full-time, eligible employees.

Check out our video for more insight into our leading ACA solution for employers. Want to see a demo of how our system works? Contact us today at