Keeping up with the ever-changing pace of the ACA

Managing your compliance within the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is hardly a one-time obligation. Instead, effective ACA compliance requires constant monitoring, a task made ever more difficult by the fact that the landscape surrounding the ACA is always changing.

From court challenges to state-based individual mandates and congressional elections, the forces impacting the ACA are numerous. Yet your responsibility, as an employer, to maintain compliance remains constant. Our goal is to support you in this obligation by giving you the resources you need to keep up with all the changes surrounding the ACA.

Our latest installment in this ongoing mission is our new e-book: “The State of the ACA.” Inside we explore the ACA as it stands today before looking at critical issues including: constitutional challenges, the expansion of Medicaid and individual mandates. We also look at what the future holds for the ACA and how potential changes to this legislation may affect your compliance goals long term. All of the information presented in this e-book is delivered and written with you and your concerns in mind.

Empowering your organization with the latest information
“The State of the ACA” is your source for information on the latest happenings involving the ACA. In addition, you can go beyond our e-book for even more ACA coverage. Just check out our blog  for continuously updated coverage.

We understand that the more you know the better you can manage your ACA compliance, and we at Health e(fx) are committed to helping you manage your compliance goals no matter what changes may be in store.

Contact us today to learn more about how Health e(fx) can help you with your ACA compliance, and don’t forget to download our e-book, “The State of the ACA.”

May 23, 2019