Maintain your state-based mandate coverage with our new eBook

Maintain your state-based mandate coverage with our new eBook

Complying with the federal Affordable Care Act reporting requirements is tricky enough, employers now have to track and comply with states that have begun instituting their own individual reporting requirements. This changing regulatory environment has grown tremendously complex for employers making it hard for some to keep up the new rules and various reporting submission deadlines. This is especially true if your company operates in multiple states and your employees reside in the state that have unique mandates.

Sound familiar?

Many of the questions we field from talented HR teams around the country center around the effective management of individual state-based mandate requirements and reporting. It’s understandable. The rules often closely mirror the old federal mandate, but each state has put its own unique stamp on several aspects of its mandate legislation.

That’s why we created our new eBook: State-by-State guide to individual mandate expectations. Our goal is to provide you and the rest of your HR team a single source of truth to use as your guideline for managing your expectations in states with individual mandate considerations.

This eBook provides you:

  • A detailed review of each state with an established mandate
  • Insights into how the individual state mandate differs from the previous federal model
  • A look at what your company must do to maintain compliance with the state’s mandate reporting requirements
  • Information on states that could be next to implement an individual mandate so you can prepare for potential future obligations.

Charting your course for individual mandate adherence
We recognize that maintaining reporting requirement for multiple state-based individual mandates can be tricky for any human resources team, and we’re always here to help. Download our new eBook today as your guide, and remember, if you have any further questions, you can contact us at any time.