5 reasons to pivot your ACA solution

5 reasons to pivot your ACA solution

White-labeled ACA solutions that meet your client’s needs
The Affordable Care Act is a matter of focus. This is especially important because of the complexity of its rules and regulations. And failure to comply can carry severe financial implications for your clients, which could result in your clients finding a new vendor. Finding the right partner for technology that falls outside your company’s core expertise is integral to reduce your risk and best serve your customers.

For benefits administrators and many payroll and tax providers, the ACA is a vital component of the competitive marketplace. Your clients expect comprehensive ACA services and health reform expertise. Should you fail to provide ACA capabilities that meet your clients’ needs, they may be forced to go to a competitor that does. Ultimately, this jeopardizes the long-term health of your business and gives your competition the advantage.

Is your ACA solution up to the challenge? Is it as good as your other services or is it negatively impacting the perception of your organization’s overall value? Are there gaps in your current solution that cause your team or your clients more work? In today’s challenging environment, you can’t stand still with ACA technology and expect to keep up with the changing marketplace. So how do you stay competitive?

5 Reasons to consider a better solution
Is it time to pivot your ACA Solution?  If any of these 5 reasons ring true for your organization, it may be time to make a move:

1. The quality of your ACA services, solution and experience pales in comparison to your core business services, impacting client satisfaction, retention and growth.

2. Your technology isn’t meeting clients needs through eligibility, affordability, and status changes, creating potential penalty risk for your employers

3. Your technology provides limited or no transparency into client results and potential compliance issues on a monthly basis or IRS transmission status, leaving clients vulnerable to penalty assessments.

4. You don’t have a state individual mandate solution for California, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and/or the District of Columbia.

5. Your clients have been caught off guard with receiving a Letter 226-J penalty assessment, and it’s created extra cumbersome work for both you and your clients.

If any of these reasons ring true, a better solution is warranted….Read on.

Finding your ACA partner
Your business is unique and a one-size-fits all approach won’t work for you or your clients.  You need an ACA solution that’s flexible enough to fit with your existing technology and service model framework. Your clients want a transparent solution that creates an audit trail to easily respond to IRS requests and minimize penalty risk. We can help.

Whether you are shifting your focus off your core business to invest in providing a comprehensive ACA compliance solution or you’re looking to expand your core services, Health e(fx) can support you in your initiatives.

Now serving over 22.5 million members, Health e(fx) is the largest ACA software solution. We serve administrators and technology strategic partners, as well as direct-to-employer markets. In fact, we currently provide ACA technology solutions to 75 Fortune 500 employers.

From reporting fulfillment to full-service ACA compliance management, Health e(fx) cuts through the complexities of healthcare reform to empower our strategic partners to support ACA compliance across their book of business. The ACA continues to get more complex with a new Administration in the White House and impact of the pandemic on the workforce. On top of this, the market can’t keep up to deliver customer-centric solutions that meet the changing need of healthcare reform. Health e(fx) partner technology solutions exceed the competition.

Here’s how:

Easy ACA book of business management
Our Compliance Connect technology was built specifically for partners to easily view and manage client ACA compliance and reporting.

Transparency into your clients’ ACA risk
At any point in time, know which clients are at risk for accumulating ACA penalties and how to mitigate that risk.

Full data transformation and data services
We offer partners full-service data transformation and flexible data formats.

We know not every partner is the same, that’s why we built a solution that can easily be customized to meet your needs.

Cloud native for scalability
Because Health e(fx) solutions are cloud-native, we can easily scale to meet needs.

Why offer the leading ACA software solution to your clients? Clients can’t afford surprises. The bottom line is you need an ACA solution that differentiates, and you have one with Health e(fx).

Our company is deeply rooted in Health e(fx) expertise. We stay on top of regulations and move quickly as requirements change. We offer custom solutions and personalized service – as a result we’ll design a partner model that’s specific to your needs.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Health e(fx) helps partners like you, we’d love to hear more about your unique challenges. Send us a note at sales@healthefx.us and let’s talk!