Workforce data integration helps employers uncover valuable insights

Workforce data integration helps employers uncover valuable insights

Data has always been an important aspect of business. When businesses analyze data sets, they can make practical and educated conclusions to improve business practices, capitalize on workforce trends, and improve their bottom line.

At Health e(fx), our technology integrates benefits, payroll and HRIS data and transforms these files into unparalleled insights to help employers save money, reduce ACA compliance risks and optimize their workforce strategies.

Read our 2018 Insights Report to gain unique insights into benefits, workforce and compliance trends and benchmarks. Our latest report explores the differences among worker segments based on employment status, gender, generation, income level and more. The data represents actual employer and employee costs, actions and choices across multiple industries.

Inside our 2018 Insights Report, you’ll find:

  • Benefit Insights: Trends in healthcare premium costs, eligibility and enrollment across industries.
  • Workforce Insights: New insights for supporting employee retention and compensation strategies.
  • Compliance Insights: Strategies for managing risk as the IRS begins to enforce penalties.
  • Spotlights: Highlights into critical employee segments.

By understanding trends within specific worker segments—Human Resources teams can provide greater strategic value within their organization.

Insights Report Highlights

  • Ninety-seven percent of employers offered coverage to more people than required by the ACA.
  • Enrollment of ACA-eligible employees in employer-sponsored healthcare plans declined two percentage points in 2017.
  • Richer benefits and family coverage are linked with higher retention.
  • Lower-paid employees may be missing out on valuable benefits.
  • Eighteen percent of employees with family coverage have a dependent that will be aging off his or her parental plan within five years.

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