Manage Healthcare Reform with Confidence

Leading through change

Health e(fx) harnesses powerful capabilities into a secure, cloud-based platform that integrates seamlessly with your current payroll, accounting, and benefits administration systems. The system quickly adapts to ever-changing legislative and IRS requirements. With our intuitive easy-to-use interface, you’ll quickly learn to use your Health e(fx) solution with confidence—to streamline data management and achieve compliance.

Eligibility and affordability

Eligibility and affordability

Health e(fx) aggregates data on your entire population, giving you a real-time view of eligibility and affordability issues associated with multiple measurement, stability, and wait periods—across all employee demographics and complex entity structures.

  • Manage compliance with comprehensive dashboards
  • Stay compliant with changing state and federal regulations through timely automatic updates
  • Forecast and mitigate penalties and excise taxes
Automate reporting and communication

Automate reporting and communication

Save time, improve reporting accuracy, and reduce the burden on your staff with automated capabilities your existing HR systems simply can’t provide.

  • Generate reports for all IRS-required employer forms, including 1094 and 1095
  • Automate marketplace notices with eligibility and coverage data
  • Create employer census and compliance data reports to drive improvement in workforce management strategies
Analyze and forecast benefit strategies and costs

Analyze and forecast benefit strategies and costs

Gain the strategic insight you need to prepare for the future and make better decisions. Health e(fx) analytics lets you view, forecast, manage, and compare the impacts of different workforce and benefits scenarios for workforce strategies, plan design, and company and compliance parameters.

  • Analyze plan adoption rates and the impact they have on overall plan design
  • Assess penalty risks to make informed “play or pay” decisions
  • Configure parameters, medical cost trends, multiple measurement, wait and stability periods by FEIN, and view projected cost and benefits impacts
Ensure data accuracy with audits and alerts

Ensure data accuracy with audits and alerts

Monthly data audits and alerts bring eligibility and data integrity issues to your attention, so you can correct errors early and identify process issues that could put you at risk.

  • See how IRS forms are populating down to the employee level to ensure you meet all obligations to employees and the IRS
  • Generate internal QA audit reports to ensure data accuracy
  • Be prepared for IRS inquiries or audits with historical data and reports to prove you’ve met compliance requirements
Streamline ongoing data management

Streamline ongoing data management

Optimize benefits strategies and costs with the compliance and reporting solution that also delivers industry-leading workforce management capabilities. With Health e(fx), you don’t have to worry if you change HR systems. Your new data feeds will integrate seamlessly without disruption—and you always own your data.

  • Aggregate, integrate, and automate all your source data into one system to maintain continuous compliance
  • Integrate compliant eligibility determination data for enrollment and benefits administration
  • Secure, cloud-based architecture and configurable access rights ensure confidential data is protected