Get ready for state individual mandate employer reporting

The market has changed. With the removal of the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) individual mandate penalty, a growing number of states have stepped in to enact their own state-based individual mandate, and more states are preparing to do so. Many of these require individuals to carry their own individual health insurance, and require employers to report on health benefits offered to individuals who reside in their state.

The requirements of these mandates can vary dramatically from one state to another, but employers with individuals who reside in multiple states, will need to comply with each of them. Want to know more about how to mitigate state individual risk? Read our Six Misconceptions Employers Have Around State-Based Reporting eBook.

We offer a state stand alone reporting solution

Private label your own California, Rhode Island, New Jersey and/or Washington D.C. solution with Health e(x).

We offer state individual mandate solutions for PEOs and payroll, tax, broker and benefit administrators that don’t want to invest in continuous technology updates to support state reporting, particularly with an upcoming election that may result in even more change. You don’t need to use Health e(fx) for ACA compliance, unless you want to – just choose your states, and you’ll have a new solution to offer your clients.

What do state individual mandates mean for employers?

If your company operates in numerous states, each new individual mandate enacted adds a new level of complexity and penalty risk. Health e(fx) goes beyond the ACA and expand our reporting functionality to help employers comply with state individual mandates.

Check out our most recent webinar to learn more about the new 2019 employer reporting requirements!

On our webinar, you’ll learn:

  • What this means for employers that have employees or COBRA participants who reside in these states.
  • How to avoid non-compliance penalties for each state mandate.
  • How Health e(fx) is prepared to help you with New Jersey and Washington, D.C. 2019 filing.

Health e(fx) offers the industry’s leading health reform compliance and workforce analytics solution.

Health e(fx) helps you

Make it easy

We remove the burden of state individual mandate requirements through a combined federal and state solution.

Gain peace of mind

Have confidence your state reporting is in the hands of the largest ACA technology provider trusted by top U.S. employers.

Adapt to change

Our highly flexible system adapts to state and federal changes, so you stay compliant through change.