How We Work with You

If you aren’t offering a comprehensive ACA solution, are you at risk for losing clients to a vendor that does? We help PEOs and Payroll, Tax, Benefit and Broker Administrators fill the gap to offer ACA and state individual mandate compliance and reporting as a core component of their employer solutions. Download our eBook to see how partnering can help you overcome your ACA challenges.

Manage penalty risk across your book of business

We know your business is unlike any other. That’s why our ACA compliance solutions are customized to meet your needs. Our Compliance Connect technology was built specifically for brokers and other partners to easily view and manage their clients’ ACA compliance and reporting across their book of business, providing the transparency needed to reduce penalty risk.

Flexible Options for Your Clients

Your customers have unique needs – from filing and reporting to full-service ACA and state mandate compliance and reporting. We offer multiple levels of capabilities—from full service coding and compliance to IRS reporting only— so your clients can select the solution that meets their needs.

State Individual Mandate Reporting

Go beyond the ACA, to remove the burden of individual monitoring each state’s ever-changing individual mandates and their employer reporting requirements.

Continuous Investment

Going beyond the ACA to deliver timely, unparalleled insights that help clients just like you solve your workforce and operational challenges.

It starts with our investing in the software to benefit you

As healthcare laws and requirements change, Health e(fx) continues investing in our solution. In fact, we were first to market with an employer compliance solution for the ACA as well as most recently for state individual mandate reporting.  Health e(fx) keeps up with the changing requirements, so you don’t have to.

Health reform is what we do, and we do it well.

Health e(fx) offers partners:

  • Lower costs. Our private-label solution looks like you, but we do the work and investing for you—all at a lower cost to your business.
  • Easy implementation. We’ll seamlessly transfer your current clients to our Compliance Connect™ Management Platform.
  • Simplicity. Our platform allows you to easily track and manage your entire book-of-business in one location.
  • Data transformation and services. We offer full-service data transformation and flexible data formats.
  • Audit preparation. Your clients can quickly respond to IRS requests and minimize penalty risk before it becomes a problem.

Finding the right partner for technology that falls outside your company’s core expertise is integral. Health e(fx) can help.