Manage the unexpected

Today’s business model is changing. For employers to be successful, they must invest in their people, create new business models, and transform their technology. HR teams will be challenged to change existing methods to help make their company more effective.

With Health e(fx) HR Insights, the power of data has never been greater

This year hasn’t been easy for most HR teams, and future changes to your benefits programs and workforce management may only add additional complexity. You need the power of integrated benefits, payroll, and HRIS system data to deliver critical insights that make it easier to make strategic business decisions.

Analytics that change with your business needs

With our interactive HR Insights COVID-19 dashboard, employers can view the estimated rate of COVID-19 infection in the counties their employees work. Employers can use this information to identify locations that need more safety precautions or more time to recover as companies and HR teams start to consider how to get their business back to normal.

Check out our tutorial so you can try the demo yourself! Estimate the size of this sample company’s population by county, using the size of the circle. Determine the estimated county infection rate by looking at the circle’s depth of color. Then filter by generation, gender, state or income for a deeper dive.

At Health e(fx) we focus on three areas:



Deeper view to manage ACA compliance risk



Insights to manage costs and opportunities

Workforce management

Better understand your demographics to support retention

  • With HR Insights, the power to solve your company’s challenges is at your fingertips.

  • Health e(fx) HR Insights is a new class of intelligent analytics that helps our customers harness the power of data to address their biggest opportunities and highest risks, improve decision-making, and manage their most critical assets.

    No expensive consulting projects required. Will help you unlock actionable data that lets you focus on optimizing the value of your workforce, especially when you need to the most.